Raymachines An Inventive Machine To Produce Quality Surgical Bandages
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  • Reduction Straight front size, weight and cost of the machine with added advantage of increased productivity up to 3 time.
  • The machine does not need any change of attachment / settings for producing rolls of different lengths.
  • As the machine requires only 2 persons against about 10 for the existing system, the spare manpower could be employed for additional production within the same floor area using the invention.
  • Higher value addition to the output with lower costs of production enabling the product to capture global market and monopolies domestic sales.
  • The Costs Benefit Analysis indicates that the total investment can be recovered within a month.
  • The cost of maintenance of the machine is negligible, and its longevity is much higher.
  • The machine being metallic, can be easily cleansed, disinfected, sterilized for achieving high standards of hygiene required for manufacture of medical textiles.
  • The machine is pollution free, mobile and easy to transport in knock-down condition.
  • The workers do not require much training, and is most suited for rural application, thereby boosting rural economy, particularly empowering women and weaker sections of the society.
  • It will create a large-scale employment for different categories of unskilled, semi skilled and skilled person particularly in rural India.
  • The process is free from drudgery and fatigue.
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