Raymachines An Inventive Machine To Produce Quality Surgical Bandages
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At present, in India, surgical bandages are manufactured using a wooden machine measuring 2500 mm x 1700 mm x 1500 mm, weighting 200 to 250 Kg, and costing approximately Rs. 20,000/- to 30,000/- depending on type of drive used. Due to unscientific design, poor construction, obsolete process technology, the output from the machine not only costs more, but also lacks a number of quality attributes, resulting in its failure to capture any share in the global market. The product is also losing the domestic market due to server competition from import. Although the industry has a great potential to grow, and create ample employment opportunities, especially in rural India, yet it is inching towards sickness for want of S&T intervention in the industry and its related economics. To address the impediments faced by the industry, a new machine was invented, and a cutting edge process technology developed by R.A. Yadav.
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